Turkish Breakfast
bryndza cheese, veal ham, black and green olives, tomato, cucumber, greens, jam, marmalade, extracted honey, butter, chocolate spread, cream, dried fruits, boiled egg, pepperoni, pastry, brewed tea.
with skim milk or yogurt.
Fruit Yogurt
with seasonal fresh fruits and honey,
create your own omelette.
scrambled egg with tomato, green pepper and parsley.
Scrambled Egg
scrambled egg with milk and cream
Fried Egg
fried eggs in butter
with pepperoni / pastrami / fried meat
Croque Monsıeur
veal ham and emmental cheese on toasted bread
Mediterranean Toasty
feta cheese, mashed olives, sliced tomatoes, mint leaves.
Light Toasty
light feta cheese, parsley and tomato paste in whole wheat bread.
Halloumi Toasty
grilled halloumi cheese, tomato and rocket leaves.
Butcher Toasty
pepperoni, cheddar cheese, sliced tomatoes.
Pacanga Toasty
pastrami, cheddar cheese, sliced tomatoes, roasted red peper and dill.
Toasty With Fried Meat
fried meat, tomato, fresh green pepper, oregano.

Breakfast is served until 12:00 hours on weekdays, and until 15:00 hours in the weekends,